Q. How Many Domain Names Can I Have In One Account ?

A. hosting plans allow to host multiple client domains with separate control panel to give your clients.

Q. How Many POP3 Accounts Can I Have In One Account ?

A. There is no limit.

Q. Can I Order Unlimited Bandwidth ?

A. No, but we offer multiple bandwidth brackets. Check our pricing page for details.

Q. How Many FTP Accounts Can I Have In One Account ?

A. There is no limit.

Q. Can I Try Out An Account For A While Before I Decide To Buy ?

A. We do not offer a trial but we offer 7 days money back guarantee.

Q. What Is Your Connection To The Internet ?

A. We are connected to a 8GBPS of Bandwidth from Multiple providers like Level3, ATT, UUNet. On each machine we have the capacity to burst up to 1000 Mbits of data per second.

Q. Do You Host .Co.Uk Domains ?

A. Yes, we host .co.uk domains and all other country level domains.

Q. Do You Support International Domains ?

A. Yes, We are able to host most international domains.

Q. Do You Offer Telephone Technical Support ?

A. Yes we have local toll free and direct numbers for major countries, but for technical support - our ticketing system is much more effective because it direct routes to concern staff.

Q. Can I Have My Own Dns Like Dns.Myname.Com ?

A. Yes, This service comes free with all reseller hosting accounts.

Q. What Is The Minimum Contract Length ?

A. Depending on service packages,we have monthly and yearly plans.

Q. Do You Offer MS-SQL Support ?

A. Yes, we offer MS-SQL 2005 and and SQL Server 2008 database hosting. We also support MySQL on Unix servers.

Q. How Many IP Addresses Do I Get ?

A. We do not give you an IP. All of the sites we host are mapped to the IP of the server you are hosted on.

Q. How Can My Clients Change Their Email Account Passwords ?

A. The clients have their own control panel to make changes to their passwords, although the reseller also has ability to do the same.

Q. Do You Guarantee A Certain Level Of Uptime ?

A. No, we do not guarantee any specific quality of service. Our web service uptime is currently 99.99%.

Q. Can I Forward All Of The Email From My Domain To One Email Account ?

A. Yes. You can create an account called catchall. That is the account that email will go to if the email is sent to an account name within the domain that does not exist.